Why would you actually want to try to?

You will struggle to make them feel guilty.

Think of guilt tripping a Narcissist as being somewhat akin to juggling a live hand grenade. With the pin pulled out.

pwNPD avoid self reflection, to deflect away from inner shame and anxiety.

They accept no responsibility, nor any accountability, for any action, inaction, lie, or cheat.

Attention grabbers, who need it to validate the delusional false facade they built.

Making a Narcissist feel guilt looks like a one way ticket towards meltdown. Followed by blowback. Narc rage red alert.

Or else, you pay them further attention which is all they are after.

Don’t reduce yourself down to their base level. Adopt the higher ground. Walk away. Don’t look back in anger.

Go no contact, or grey rock as a plan B.

Be glad you escaped, and cam move on a pathway to heal from, and overcome, their abuse.

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