Compiling fluxbox under Ubuntu

Download fluxbox source code from its official website.

sudo apt-get install build-essential texinfo libacl1-dev autoconf automake xorg-dev libx11-dev libimlib2-dev libxinerama-dev libxrender-dev libxft-dev libxpm-dev
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-nls --enable-imlib2 --enable-xinerama
sudo make install

Use you’re start up file. Type nano ~/.fluxbox/startup (if it does not exist, create it) and put this in there

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What does directory permission ‘S’ mean?

‘S’ = The directory’s setgid bit is set, but the execute bit isn’t set.

‘s’ = The directory’s setgid bit is set, and the execute bit is set.

SetGID = When another user creates a file or directory under such a setgid directory, the new file or directory will have its group set as the group of the directory’s owner, instead of the group of the user who creates it.

To remove the setGID bit:

chmod g-s eclipse/

Taken from man chmod:

You can set or clear the bits with symbolic modes like u+s and g-s, and you can set (but not clear) the bits with a numeric mode.