People don’t like jerks. It isn’t the jerk that people like. It is themselves. People view a jerk as a means to feel like they are better than everyone else. They want that jerk to like them. They want that jerk to be rude and mean and horrible to everyone else except for them. If they can get a jerk to not be a jerk towards them it makes them feel like they are special and superior. People are extremely self serving and egotistical. People might believe that they are seeking love or friendship or deep meaningful connections with others, but they are wrong. It is actually the ego boost that they are after. People just want to feel good about themselves. They want to feel like they are a good person without putting in any of the work and self sacrifice that it takes to actually be a good person. But what ends up happening is that the jerk never treats them any better than other people. Because… DUH! They are dealing with a jerk. And so what was intended to be an ego boost quickly becomes a hit on their self esteem. And it is then that you will hear people going on and on about how horrible that jerk really is. They will throw as much blame as they possibly can onto the jerk. Because people ultimately seem incapable of considering that they might not be as wonderful as they believe themselves to be. They believe that the other person just wasn’t wise enough to see how superior they are. Because if they had, they would have received the special treatment that they believe they deserve. And this is why you see so many people constantly chasing after jerks. They don’t want the jerk, they want their admiration, because it is harder to attain than other people’s. They want to succeed where others failed. They want to get what others couldn’t. A jerk has issues for sure, but so does the ones who knowingly pursue them.

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