Month: July 2018

There Is No Indispensable Man

Source: Sometime when you’re feeling important; Sometime when your ego’s in bloom; Sometime when you take it for granted, You’re the best qualified in the room: Sometime when you…

How to Get Startup Ideas

Source: Problems look for problems, preferably problems you have yourself want, build, few realize the worth (doing) Why do so many founders build things no one wants? Because they…

The Great CEO within – Summary

Source: Chapter 1 Getting Started Deeply understand real customers and problems, solve the problem Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet

The Power of Positive People

Source: our well-being also is influenced by the company we keep can influence obesity, anxiety and overall happiness remarkably optimistic and upbeat a renewed commitment not only to exercise…

佛曰:缘来天注定,缘去人自夺。 若无缘,与之言多,亦废; 若有缘,你的存在就能惊醒他所有的感觉。 种如是因,收如是果,一切唯心造。笑着面对,不去埋怨。悠然,随心,随性,随缘… === 掏心掏肺要分谁: 虚情假意的,咱不陪; 实心实意的,咱多给! 有情有义要看谁: 转身就走的,咱不追; 患难与共的,咱回馈! 感情其实很简单: 八两换半斤,你重我就沉; 人心换人心,你真我更真!