A one-take journey through Russia’s iconic Hermitage museum Shot on iPhone 11 Pro

As travel slows due to the global coronavirus pandemic, a new advertisement released by Apple provides an expansive view of one of St. Petersburg’s most-visited institutions that’s accessible without having to venture into crowded spaces. Clocking 5 hours, 19 minutes, and 28 seconds, the single-shot video spans the Hermitage Museum in the nation’s cultural center. It includes a look at 45 galleries, 588 works, and even has live performances from Russian composer Kirill Richter and a ballet duet from the Hermitage Theater.
The ad was shot to showcase the iPhone 11’s battery life but also offers an impressive view of artworks by Rembrandt, Raphael Loggias, and Caravaggio. “This video to me is all about connection through time,” filmmaker Axinya Gog told ArtNet. “Art that is timeless meets modern life and state-of-the-art technology.” Using a complex system of handheld stabilizers, cranes to span rooms, and even a custom app to control the camera, Gog and the group behind the ad created the single-shot take during the course of six hours in the museum.


along a river its banks are set
and keep the river in the river

being in the river the river’s
in its being

within its banks, whole, astatic,
a river flows unbound, ecstatic
a falling river goes

within these banks, astatic,
this river grows unbound, ecstatic
this falling river flows

until, without banks,
this river goes

Jim Culleny

Diversity and inclusion are a necessity, not a nicety


Diversity is multifaceted in my view. It includes gender, age, cultural background, knowledge and skillset. Diversity is about having different ideas, perspectives and approaches. However, diversity is only the first step and will not on its own provide results. Inclusion is where the magic starts to happen.

Diversity and inclusion are important to me. It is on a personal and professional level.

I am a father of three kids, two girls and a boy. I want them to grow up in a world and society where there is not only equal opportunity regardless of background or gender, but that diversity is valued and strived for. I was born in Iran and raised in Sweden. For many years I struggled in Sweden with my identity and to try to fit in. I tried to be like everyone else. Over time I have come to appreciate the perspective that my original culture has given me. Being born in one country, raised in another, and travelling the world has allowed me to understand the importance of perspectives — the more diverse, the better.

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Why do abusive men (and the women who support them) behave the way they do?


New Delhi, 1990. I am 16, seated in the living room of my paternal grandfather’s home, reading a newspaper. My grandfather pushes open the mesh door and walks in with a package in hand.

“You have got a parcel from your mother,” he said, in an oddly accusatory tone. “Yes, it’s a book of recipes,” I replied. “I’m trying to learn how to cook.”

“You should focus on your studies. Leave the cooking to women. I am sending it to Kuku,” he said, referring to my father’s sister by her nickname.

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HBO’s Invisible Stories on life in Singapore’s public housing shows the city beneath the glitter


  • Far from the excessive wealth of Singapore’s crazy rich citizens, Invisible Stories shines a light on the lives of how most people in the Lion City live
  • Series creator Ler Jiyuan says it is neither very dramatic nor sensational, with each episode a character study that brings out the life of ordinary people
HBO’s Invisible Stories cast and crew (from left) producer Ler Jiyuan, actress Yeo Yann Yann and actor Devin Pan.

HBO’s Invisible Stories cast and crew (from left) producer Ler Jiyuan, actress Yeo Yann Yann and actor Devin Pan.

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An attempt to make Sichuan red chilli oil辣椒油


Each Sichuan family has their own version of chilli oil.

My mom’s was rather simple: use the stone mortar to crush the dried chillies and pour hot oil to it afterwards.

So, I tried to make my own according to certain online recipes.

sesame, Sichuan peppercorn powder, chilli powder, salt

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“Man Becomes the Sex Organs of the Machine World”

Man becomes, as it were, the sex organs of the machine world, as the bee of the plant world, enabling it to fecundate and to evolve ever new forms. The machine world reciprocates man’s love by expediting his wishes and desires, namely, in providing him with wealth”.  – Understanding Media (1964), p. 46

By Tristan Eldritch

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How Supermodels Are like Toxic Assets

by Ashley Mears


(Photo: Coco Rocha in Bill Blass by Peter Som February 2008, Photographed by Ed Kavishe for Fashion Wire Press, and is licensed under creative commons.)

In 2002, a tall and skinny 14-year old girl competed in a dance contest in Vancouver, Canada. There she encountered a modeling agent, who asked her to consider going out for modeling jobs. Today, the 22-year-old Coco Rocha is celebrated as a “supermodel” (however little of its glamazon power the term retains these days), appearing on covers of Vogue and i-D magazines, on catwalks from Marc Jacobs to Prada, and as the star face for Dior, H&M, and Chanel. You might not recognize her name, but the chances are you’ve seen Coco Rocha in the past few years.

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Gendercide – The war on baby girls


Killed, aborted or neglected, at least 100m girls have disappeared—and the number is rising

IMAGINE you are one half of a young couple expecting your first child in a fast-growing, poor country. You are part of the new middle class; your income is rising; you want a small family. But traditional mores hold sway around you, most important in the preference for sons over daughters. Perhaps hard physical labour is still needed for the family to make its living. Perhaps only sons may inherit land. Perhaps a daughter is deemed to join another family on marriage and you want someone to care for you when you are old. Perhaps she needs a dowry.

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