“The Linux of social media”—How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging


George RR Martin’s platform switch reminds us of an early blogging giant greatly changed.

Last April, famed writer and hero-murderer George R.R. Martin announced that he was hoisting his ancient blog from his moldering LiveJournal onto his personal website. For casual Game of Thrones fans, it was a minor hiccup at best—most clicked the new link and never looked back. For a certain strata of enthusiasts, however, this was a far more momentous move. Described as “the last holdout” by longtime LiveJournal volunteer-turned-employee Janine Costanzo, Martin’s blog was perhaps the once-blogging-giant’s last bond to the world of great pop culture. So while the author may never finish his most beloved literary series, his simple act of Web hosting logistics truly marks the end of an era.

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Podcast #474: The Surprises of Romantic Attraction

According to the popular, evolutionary theory of human attraction, people select romantic partners based on objective assessments of what’s called their “mate value” — the extent to which an individual possesses traits like good looks and status. But is that really all that’s behind the way people pair up?

My guest today has done a series of studies which add greater nuance to the mysteries of romantic attraction. His name is Paul Eastwick and he’s a professor of psychology at USC Davis. We begin our conversation unpacking the fact that there’s sometimes a gap between the sexual and romantic partners people say they prefer in the abstract, and the partners they actually choose in real life. We then turn to whether or not the popular idea that men value physical attractiveness more than women, and that women value status and resources more than men, is really true. We also talk about how people’s consensus over who is and isn’t attractive changes over time, and whether it’s true that people of equal attractiveness generally end up together. We end our conversation discussing how these research-based insights can be applied to the real world of dating, and why less attractive people may have better luck meeting people offline than on.

Some interesting insights in this show that lend credence to the old adage that there’s someone for everyone.

Show Highlights

  • What’s the accepted theory of how men and women are attracted to each other?
  • How “mate value” is calculated 
  • Is it true that men value physical appearance more than women?
  • The self-insight gap that plagues daters 
  • Why trait-based compatibility doesn’t give the full picture of a relationship’s potential
  • The importance of “fit” when it comes to compatibility
  • How physical attractiveness changes over time as we get to know people
  • Do equally attractive people always end up with each other?
  • What does modern science say about pick-up artist techniques?
  • Tips for how to think about modern dating apps 

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Bacteria for piglets and Chinese infants spur Li Ka-shing’s gut instinct to put his money behind this US biomedical firm


  • Infants increasingly lack beneficial gut bacteria due to Caesareans, formula feeding, antibiotics
  • Piglets have a hard start in life, and trial will get under way in China to see if product can toughen them up

A company backed by Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing has reintroduced a missing beneficial gut bacteria to more than 10,000 American babies. Now it is eyeing China’s babies – and piglets. This Week in Asia Get updates direct to your inbox E-mail * By registering you agree to our T&Cs & Privacy Policy

Evolve BioSystems, a California probiotics products developer, is in talks with Zhejiang University to conduct clinical trials on more than 4,000 pigs this year in the province to improve stock survival rates and cure gut diseases in piglets, said chief executive Timothy Brown.

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纪念700年历史 五先贤塑像齐集新加坡河畔




他们是:相传将我国命名为“狮城”的苏门答腊巨港王子桑尼拉乌他玛(Sang Nila Utama)、富商兼慈善家陈笃生、莱佛士秘书兼马来文豪孟诗阿都拉(Munshi Abdullah)以及商人兼印度社群领袖纳莱依那比莱(Naraina Pillai)。









南洋理工大学国立教育学院亚洲语言文化部门主任哈蒂嘉(Hadijah Bte Rahmat)副教授也说,新加坡是由多元种族、文化和宗教的人士共同打造的,而他们拥有丰富多样的背景和强项。


Why Are All Apple Products Photographed at 9:41 a.m.? An Apple Insider Reveals the Answer

It’s something we can all learn from.

I hadn’t noticed it myself. Maybe you hadn’t either. But every single Apple product in every promotional photo is set to 9:41 a.m. MacBook, iPad, iPhone, it really doesn’t matter. With one big exception (which we’ll get to), for every Apple product in the world, it was exactly 9:41 a.m. at the time of its photo shoot.

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Is the saying: “外儒内法 / Outside Confucian, Inside Legalist” applicable to modern China?


外儒内法 is a simplified term.

Prior to the Emperor Hanwu (the one who adopted Confucianism as the official ideology and promoted 外儒内法), his father and grandfather all used 黄老之道 (the yellow elder’s way) to govern the Empire.

(This painting is trying to show how “relaxed” the society should be and how government should let go of everything like this 黄老/ old man on the left).

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What is poop transplant?


Andrew Freinkel, former neurologist and psychiatrist at Stanford University Medical Center

Sometimes, the colon becomes overrun with VERY harmful bacteria which almost overwhelms the immune system. In this procedure, enemas are given to flush the those bacteria. Then, “good” bacteria are put into the colon — tranplanting the bacteria— creating a colony in the gut which is healthy. People who were really sick with colitis become, almost miraculously, better.