One Decision Separates The Wealthy From The Non-Wealthy


“Courage can be developed. But it cannot be nurtured in an environment that eliminates all risks, all difficulty, all dangers. It takes considerable courage to work in an environment in which one is compensated according to one’s performance. Most affluent people have courage. What evidence supports this statement? Most affluent people in America are either business owners or employees who are paid on an incentive basis.”— Dr. Thomas Stanley

The problem with most people’s lives is that they are being shielded from the consequences of their behavior. There’s little to no accountability.

The fastest way to make success inevitable in your life is to only do work that is incentive-based. Only do that which you are rewarded and punished for the quality of your work. Everything you do needs to matter to the outcomes, consequences, and results you get in life.

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1. Will You Be There – Michael Jackson

2. The Dowager Countess, to Isobel: “Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?”

3. Similar named ruler 原来是天地会的 –

4. Same named kid –

5. Officially Missing You

6. Eddy Gordo, motion capture

7. Freedom Fighters

8. Classic Gru meme


October, 2018

Final Fantasy Crisis Core

When the Lights Go out – Five

3 Book reviews on “three dreams in the key of g“.




Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute Officially Launches New Startup Program in Lahore

Beginning “I Claudius”, “Claudius the God”

The Dark Controversy Behind The World War II Times Square Kissing Photo

The Dark Controversy Behind The World War II Times Square Kissing Photo

What is an example of something true that nobody generally wants to admit?

“Success is procured from sabotaging someone else’s happiness.”

Getting a job for you means no job for someone else, getting a Top tier college seat for you leaves many of your own friends jealous and unhappy. Robots’ invention left common laborers jobless. Success of Flipkart, Amazon, Walmart, and Reliance took away the ownership of countless small scale businessmen.

inessential – Social Media Mobs


  • “It felt like a mob. The mob wasn’t in any way self-aware or coordinated — but it still felt like a single driven thing.”
  • “it was over my own software and a mistake”
  • “The mob never apologized. Mobs never do.”
  • “For a long time after everyone forgot.”
  • “So I’m thinking about whether or not to stay.”


2009年,作者因为自己写的软件里有一两个错误而在 Twitter 上招到网络暴力,他甚至考虑推出科技圈,不编程了。网络暴徒们其实不会持久地喷你,他们很快会有新的攻击对象,很快会忘掉你的。

只要你有一定的关注度,比如你的微博账号开始有几千个粉丝了,必然要招到别人毫无理由的辱骂。有人喜欢你,肯定有人讨厌你。这是一个 package,好的坏的都得一起接受。别问我是怎么知道的:)经验之谈啊~

Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media


  • a backlash among young people has been quietly boiling.
  • “You start doing things that are dishonest”
  • weary of the pressures of sustaining an online persona
  • It became depressing. It was this competition of who’s the happiest
  • A desire to build authentic, offline friendships motivated some to quit
  • did so in order to “use time in more valuable ways”.
  • “mindless vortex of never-ending scrolling”
  • but there is a sense of privacy that is being breached as well
  • Constant screen time damages your ability to see, and it also causes internal damage, such as anxiety
  • when you do, it’s such a relief


文章一 – 树徳堂


可以说,去苏州寻找沈复芸娘的清魂一直是我内心的情结。据我所知,沈复和芸娘在苏州活动的区域很多,比如《浮生六记》里提到的沧浪亭、可园、仓米巷等,当然我们最想去的是沈复的旧居,如今是大石头巷36号的吴宅,传说那个院子里不但有沈复夫妻住过的小楼“宾香阁”,还有苏州现存最精美的砖雕门楼——“麐翔凤游”。 那天上午我们坐高铁到了苏州,好友徐黎帆老师就开车带我们直奔可园,开始我们的寻访之旅。

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