HBO’s Invisible Stories on life in Singapore’s public housing shows the city beneath the glitter

  • Far from the excessive wealth of Singapore’s crazy rich citizens, Invisible Stories shines a light on the lives of how most people in the Lion City live
  • Series creator Ler Jiyuan says it is neither very dramatic nor sensational, with each episode a character study that brings out the life of ordinary people
HBO’s Invisible Stories cast and crew (from left) producer Ler Jiyuan, actress Yeo Yann Yann and actor Devin Pan.

HBO’s Invisible Stories cast and crew (from left) producer Ler Jiyuan, actress Yeo Yann Yann and actor Devin Pan.

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(早报讯)联合国框架下首个以新加坡命名的公约《新加坡调解公约》(Singapore Convention on Mediation)已在联合国大会通过。公约将促成国际商业和解协议的执行,从而促进国际商业发展和跨境贸易。




Disneyland with the Death Penalty

“It’s like an entire country run by Jeffrey Katzenberg,” the producer had said, “under the motto ‘Be happy or I’ll kill you.'” We were sitting in an office a block from Rodeo Drive, on large black furniture leased with Japanese venture capital.Now that I’m actually here, the Disneyland metaphor is proving impossible to shake. For that matter, Rodeo Drive comes frequently to mind, though the local equivalent feels more like 30 or 40 Beverly Centers put end to end.;-)

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Chinese ambassador responds to remarks from former Singapore diplomat


Mr Kausikan said Singaporeans must be aware of China’s covert “influence operations”.

“persuade, induce and coerce”.

The first involves rejecting the norm of non-interference in another state’s domestic affairs and believing that its interests should be promoted wherever they may be

China uses a range of tactics from legitimate diplomacy to more covert and often illegal deployment of agents of influence and operations – to sway decision makers or public opinion leaders.

the aim of its influence operations, which he added was not just to direct behaviour but to condition it as well.

a key tactic is to present target countries with oversimplified narratives, “forcing false choices on you and making you choose between them”

“China doesn’t just want you to comply with its wishes, it wants you to … do what it wants without being told,”

“When the Chinese try to impose a Chinese identity on Singapore, we must resist, because modern Singapore is based on the idea of being a multiracial country,” he added.


a “far cry from reality and leaves an unfavourable impression of China on others”.

“China does not impose its ideology and development model.”

the target of “groundless attacks”, as global media is largely dominated by the West.

“the Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. These have gained a positive response from many countries, not because of manipulation but because they meet the interests of other parties and provide opportunities for common development,”

willing to share its development opportunities with others and by no means imposes its models on other countries.

“misleading others into misunderstanding China”

How to visit Singapore

Two different people have asked me this question this week, so I thought I would write out my answer. My approach is slightly unorthodox, but here goes:
1. Go to the top of Marina Bay Sands hotel and get a view of the skyline, the harbor, and the Straits.  Watch the ships queuing.  This is one of my favorite views in the whole world.  Most of all I am struck by the contrast between what Singapore has achieved so quickly and also its continuing ultimate vulnerability; the view captures both of those.  If you can afford it, stay in the hotel and swim in the Infinity Pool.  That alone justifies dragging your body all the way to Singapore. Continue reading “How to visit Singapore”

I am no proud of this project: Philip Yeo on Suzhou Industrial Park

This project will fail,” said Goh Keng Swee.

The China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) project in the 1990s between the two countries was fraught with problems from the get-go. But few have spoken openly about them until now.

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现在这个时代比较特别的是,世界从未像今天这样密切的相互关联、互为依存。我们清晰地感觉到彼此的存在,我们其实像是邻居。透过电视的实况转播,你可 以在瞬秒间就立即看到戈尔巴乔夫主席和里根总统、布什副总统会面的情况。你听得到他们的声音。你也可以天天看到像亚美尼亚的地震或汉城街头暴动的镜头。


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Quote – The Singapore Story – Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew

I thought then that wealth depended mainly on the possession of territory and natural resources, whether fertile land with abundant rainfall for agriculture or forestry, or valuable minerals, or oil and gas. It was only after I had been in office for some years that I recognised that performance varied substantially between the different races in Singapore, and among different categories within the same race. After trying out a number of ways to reduce inequalities and failing, I was gradually forced to conclude that the decisive factors were the people, their natural abilities, education and training. Knowledge and the possession of technology were vital for the creation of wealth.

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