Chinese director Chloe Zhao’s ‘The Rider’ picked best picture of 2018 by US film critics

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  • ‘It’s a heartbreaking movie with a lot of staying power,’ the US National Society of Film Critics said of Beijing-born filmmaker’s piece

The film, directed by a woman from Beijing who was educated in the US and now lives there, “is a mixture of documentary realism and fiction”, Chang said.

“She uses non-professional actors in a way that’s intimate and organic; it’s a heartbreaking movie with a lot of staying power.”

He noted that the society does not base its choices either on a film’s box office or its budget. “We care about the quality of the films.”

Analects on Humaneness 仁 (rén)

The Master said, “Those who are clever in their words and pretentious in their appearance, yet are humane, are few indeed.” [1.3]


Fan Chi asked about wisdom. The Master said, “Devote yourself to what must rightly be done for the people; respect spiritual beings, while keeping at a distance from them. This may be called wisdom.” He asked about humaneness. The Master said, “One who is humane first does what is difficult and only thereafter concerns himself with success. This may be called humaneness.” (6.20)

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