1. The Key to Becoming a Software Consultant


But, to achieve your objective, you need to position yourself as an actual consultant, getting paid for advice.

He talks about four phases of solving problems for companies.  Those include diagnosis, prescribing a cure, application of the cure, and re-application of the cure.  Software developers and most so-called software consultants involve themselves almost exclusively in phase three: application.  But that’s a pretty low leverage place to be. Consultants exist almost exclusively in phases one and two: diagnosing and prescribing.  They let laborers take care of phase three and even lower status laborers take care of phase four.

2. How Lisp Became God’s Own Programming Language


But people learn Lisp instead because they know that, for twenty years or so, the Lisp point of view was thought to be so useful that MIT taught Lisp to undergraduates before anything else.

What happened instead is that more and more Lisp-y features have been incorporated into everyone’s favorite programming languages.

Do not buy a Huawei phone

Source: https://threader.app/thread/1051204370543648770

THREAD: I’m looking at a Huawei P20 from China, let see what can I found

The 1st app I reversed is an app called Decision

Look at the name of the files contains in the assets folder:
– airport_china.txt
– city_china.txt
– cityinfo.db
– parkinglot_china.txt
– railwayinfo.db
– trainInfo.db
– trainstation.db

Interesting, no?

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Why Nobody Understands Blockchain

Source: https://patrickmn.com/security/why-blockchain-is-so-hard-to-understand/

One of the biggest problem with blockchain (“crypto”) seems to be that nobody really understands it. We’ve all heard the explanation that you have blocks, and transactions go into blocks, and they’re signed with signatures, and then somebody mines it and then somehow there’s a new kind of money…? My friend says so, anyway.

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One Decision Separates The Wealthy From The Non-Wealthy

source: https://medium.com/thrive-global/want-automatic-motivation-and-wealth-do-this-one-thing-immediately-7ae22a88731c

“Courage can be developed. But it cannot be nurtured in an environment that eliminates all risks, all difficulty, all dangers. It takes considerable courage to work in an environment in which one is compensated according to one’s performance. Most affluent people have courage. What evidence supports this statement? Most affluent people in America are either business owners or employees who are paid on an incentive basis.”— Dr. Thomas Stanley

The problem with most people’s lives is that they are being shielded from the consequences of their behavior. There’s little to no accountability.

The fastest way to make success inevitable in your life is to only do work that is incentive-based. Only do that which you are rewarded and punished for the quality of your work. Everything you do needs to matter to the outcomes, consequences, and results you get in life.

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1. Will You Be There – Michael Jackson

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