Single image super-resolution reconstruction based on fusion of internal and external features

Recent advances in image super-resolution (SR) explore the power of deep learning to achieve a better reconstruction performance. The deep reconstruction methods mostly reconstruct the super-resolution image based on a large amount of external data training. In order to make full use of the…

An SVD Values Ordering Scheme for Medical Image WatermarkingNarima Zermi | 3 more | Salah EuschiCybernetics & SystemsIn order to increase the security of medical image sharing and transfer, we present in this work a watermarking approach to protect medical images. This approach consists of inserting hospital…Read More
A machine learning-based clustering approach to diagnose multi-component degradation of aircraft fuel systemsHaochen Liu | 2 more | Zakwan SkafNeural Computing and ApplicationsAccurate fault diagnosis and prognosis can significantly reduce maintenance costs, increase the safety and availability of engineering systems that have become increasingly complex. It has been…Read More

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