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Evolutionary NAS for aerial image segmentation with gene expression programming of cellular encoding Clifford Broni Bediako | 2 more |… Neural Computing and Applications Recently, neural architecture search (NAS) has gained a lot of attention as a tool for constructing deep neural networks automatically. NAS methods have successfully found convolutional neural… Read More  
A density-peak-based clustering algorithm of automatically determining the number of clusters Wuning Tong | Sen Liu | Xiao Zhi Gao Neurocomputing Clustering is a typical and important method to discover new structures and knowledge from data sets. Most existing clustering methods need to know the number of clusters in advance, which is… Read More
A Classification Framework of Identifying Major Documents With Search Engine Suggestions and Unsupervised Subtopic Clustering Chen Zhao | Takehito Utsuro | Yasuhide Kawada International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence This paper addresses the problem of automatic recognition of out-of-topic documents from a small set of similar documents that are expected to be on some common topic. The objective is to remove… Read More

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