Intelligent fault recognition framework by using deep reinforcement learning with one dimension convolution and improved actor-critic algorithm Research article
Advanced Engineering Informatics, Volume 49, June 2021, Article Number 101315
Zisheng Wang, Jianping Xuan
ARAIL: Learning to rank from incomplete demonstrations Research article
Information Sciences, Volume 565, February 2021, Pages 422-437
Dayong Xu, Fei Zhu, Quan Liu, Peiyao Zhao
Collision-free human-robot collaboration based on context awareness Research article
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Volume 67, June 2020, Article Number 101997
Hongyi Liu, Lihui Wang
Unnoticeable synthetic face replacement for image privacy protection Research article
Neurocomputing, Volume 457, June 2021, Pages 322-333
Zhenzhong Kuang, Zhiqiang Guo, Jinglong Fang, Jun Yu, Noboru Babaguchi, Jianping Fan
Knowledge graph embedding by relational and entity rotation Open Access – Research article
Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 229, July 2021, Article Number 107310
Xuqian Huang, Jiuyang Tang, Zhen Tan, Weixin Zeng, Ji Wang, Xiang Zhao

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