[Next in K-Story] Food story that fills your soul with Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan
Jeong Kwan is a Buddhist monk, who has been living in a monastery in the mountains of Korea since she was 17 years old.

She is also widely regarded as one of the best chefs in the world, right now.

Only, Jeong Kwan doesn’t cook at a restaurant.

She simply cooks breakfast and lunch (Buddhists don’t eat dinner) for those who live at the monastery.

Now, understand 👇

In the hyper-competitive, cutthroat world of cooking, where strung-out, overworked chefs desperately compete for the attention and praise of the public…

…Where Michelin Stars are the ultimate badge of excellence, and landing your own cookbook or television show is the ultimate symbol of status…

…Where most chefs dream of one day delegating the actual cooking duties to a well-trained staff, so they can finally relax into a life of fame and status…

…Jeong Kwan simply wakes up (at 3 am) every morning, meditates, prays, tends the monastery garden, and quietly cooks breakfast and lunch for those she lives with.

That’s it.

She seeks no fame.

No status.

No Michelin Stars.

No world-famous chain of restaurants.

Only to meditate, to pray, and to cook:
Jeong Kwan is of of the purest examples of The Law of Mastery I’ve ever come across:

The game rewards the player who needs no reward other than the game itself.
Another world-famous chef put it this way:

“Her food is not ego food.”
Meaning, she is not trying to make food that will shock, awe, and impress others (like most world-famous chefs do).

She is cooking with pure-minded creativity, love, and spirit…

…Which is why it nourishes her, and everyone who eats it, more deeply than a twelve-course Michelin Star meal ever could.

As Jeong Kwan says, herself:

“Creativity and ego cannot go together… You must not be your own obstacle.”
In other words, true creativity can only happen spontaneously, while you are fully absorbed in the act of doing what you love.

Not while you are looking for admiration.

Not while you are “demanding” respect.

Not while you are trying to “prove everyone wrong.”

Not when you are seeking any reward, whatsoever…

…Other than the game itself.

Lesson complete 🙏

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