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Recently, there was a brief debate in our DeepGame Forum about whether it’s better to have a “normal” life, or a unique, “special” life.

Normal would mean doing what much of society is doing:

Working a 9 to 5 job, raising a family, (hopefully) retiring around ~65, etc.

Unique would mean doing something uncommon:

Playing a professional sport, building a business, becoming a celebrity, whatever.
But the truth (as I see it, anyway), is that neither goal is worth designing your life around.

Here was my response:
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“I’ll offer here that it’s not about having a “special” or “unique” life, OR having a “normal” life.

It’s about doing what you want and love to do, regardless of whether it’s “unique” or “normal”.

Unique and normal are just comparisons to what the rest of society is doing:

Something is only special / unique if few people are doing it – as soon as lots of people are doing it, it becomes “normal”

So both the fear of being “normal” AND the desire to be “unique” are both reactions to the opinions and actions of others.

Forget all of that, find what YOU want to do with your life, and do it regardless of what anybody else says or does.”

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Paradoxically, this is how you become truly “unique” — by becoming fully yourself.

Because, after all, there is only one of you 🙂

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Have an amazing one out there today.

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