Malcolm Kincaid is a self-made man. He is also a ruthless businessman and opportunist. Over thirty years, he uses, abuses, and dominates his associates and family alike, crushing all opposition in his pursuit of wealth and power. He knows what it takes to build and maintain a business empire, but how far will he be prepared to go to achieve his goals — and what will he sacrifice along the way?

When he allows the pollution of an Aboriginal settlement’s water supply, however, he faces justice of a kind he could never imagine.

GOLD! is a tale of greed, betrayal, family conflict, rape, and murder. It is also, however, a story of love and loyalty — and of how one man’s pride and prejudice can lead to terrible retribution.


GOLD is an intriguing family business saga with lots of interplay between members, across generations. Love, hatred, abuse, manipulation, plot intertwine in a vivid story line with a lot of attention to character emotion development. The story starts with Malcolm the evil minded mining operation owner, he is single minded in his ways to achieve his ulterior motives, with little regard to morale or even laws. The second half of the book gradually shifts focus from Malcolm to his son (to whom he has to act as uncle as he is conceived during rape) who proves to be a much better person, ethic wise, though not without mishap in his personal life. Everything will come back to Malcolm again as karma serves its cold dish. In all, it’s a fantastic page turner not to be missed.

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