Kelvin Lee (李维山)

In the multiverse, there would then be powerful southeast Asian nation where corruption index is low. It’s state media severely censored, port district would be regimented, discipline and efficiently run.

It would have a military significant to cause concern to their neighbors. It’s industries would be run like a state own enterprise, it would align it’s trade to western powers, while keeping it’s policy eastern.

There would be no orang Asli, only citizens. Politicians would be paid higher than foreign entities wishing to buy them over. Elections are simply a formality, and so long as the citizens are wealthy, other concerns can be drowned out.

It would develop strong infrastructure, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore will have infrastructure as modern as Brunei, the administrative capital would be in Johor. As the major port city and LNG facilities would housed in these district.

Johor would look like what Singapore is.

Basically … what Malaysia is today minus corrupt incompetent politicians and fundamentalist pseudo religious higher-than-thou preachers.

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