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I believe there might a small subset of Chinese girls who might want to “appear like Koreans”.

In HK, there is a term for this.
“偽韓妹” – Fake Korean girl.

But by and large, I would say that, at least among my peers, and people I know, in the social circles I swim, that there is now more of a preference for a less narrow, less defined, and ultimately, less restrictive aesthetic that focuses on adapting an aesthetic style that highlights the person’s good features and personal style, rather than trying to force individuals into a cookie-cutter mold they might not necessarily fit.

Personally, I think that’s the way to go, as it is better to work with what you’ve got rather than try to force yourself into something you’re not.

It should be noted here that the Chinese population is huge.
It would be far, far, far too reductive to say things like “Chinese people are doing this now…” or “Chinese people are into this look now….”

You might as well say that Chinese people all eat the same sort of food and they all listen to the same type of music and they all watch the same kind of movies.

When applied to people from other cultures, it seems kind of silly and nonsensical to say that they all have the same preferences. I mean, it would be silly of me to say that all Americans are gun-loving and donut-eating peeps – and so it would be equally farcical to say that all Chinese are adopting the same look.

I can only speak on what I’ve observed from my peers, the people I know, and the social circles I swim in. It would be ridiculous for me, or anyone, to claim that all Chinese people follow the exact same trends, as if we don’t have our individual tastes and preferences and that we all are just constituent parts in a collective hive mind-slash-monolithic entity.

Here are some pictures of non-celebrity, everyday Chinese folks who have their own look, style, aesthetic and sartorial swagger, and who, in my opinion at least, look great:

I mean, there could be some South Koreans who might say all the women below look ugly – that would certainly be their prerogative – but ultimately, it would be their opinion.

(I own none of the pictures below)

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