Reinier Snijders San Francisco is one of my favourite places to travel. There are so many beautiful places in the area, all of which offer great photographic opportunities. One of them, as you can see in this picture, is of course the Golden Gate Bridge, which is hard to miss when you’re in the area. This time I went to Marshall’s Beach, a great place to get a good view of the bridge. It’s always a pleasure to walk down the steps to the beach and see the ocean and the bridge without too many people around.
As usual, I’m way too early, but that’s because I want to take my time to enjoy the view, find the best spot and set up my equipment. For this composition, I’ve decided to put a little more distance between me and the Golden Gate Bridge, using a zoom lens to compress the image and get a nice balance between the bridge and the rocks in front of it.
After setting up, it’s time to enjoy the sunset and wait for the good light. The blue hour began and it was during this time that I took this picture. Because of the longer exposure time, the ocean is silky soft, which contrasts with the giant rocks that are in it. What makes this image work in my eyes is the contrast between the deep blues and the reds, which are nicely balanced in this frame.
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