CoRelatE: Learning the correlation in multi-fold relations for knowledge graph embedding Research article
Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 213, November 2020, Article Number 106601
Yan Huang, Haili Sun, Ke Xu, Songfeng Lu, Tongyang Wang, Xinfang Zhang
A decision-making model for knowledge collaboration and reuse through scientific workflow Research article
Advanced Engineering Informatics, Volume 49, July 2021, Article Number 101345
Longlong He, Wei Guo, Pingyu Jiang
Demonstration actor critic Research article
Neurocomputing, Volume 434, January 2021, Pages 194-202
Guoqing Liu, Li Zhao, Pushi Zhang, Jiang Bian, Tao Qin, Nenghai Yu, Tie-Yan Liu
Context-aware sequence labeling for condition information extraction from historical bridge inspection reports Research article
Advanced Engineering Informatics, Volume 49, June 2021, Article Number 101333
Tianshu Li, Mohamad Alipour, Devin K. Harris
Forward and inverse reinforcement learning sharing network weights and hyperparameters Open Access – Research article
Neural Networks, Volume 144, August 2021, Pages 138-153
Eiji Uchibe, Kenji Doya

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