Rachel Brokaw The moments of joy in between the heaviness of the present catch me off guard at times. A reminder that life despite darkness and trials – still goes on. With or without our permission. Like the roll of the tide, like the changing of seasons. We are helpless in the tide of time. Both joy and sorrow come and go, sometimes to stay for awhile and other times fleetingly. However fleeting the moments, I try my hardest to catch them and hold on. It has been weeks since I’ve gotten my camera out. Today on whim I took it with me on a walk around the rose gardens. I wasn’t even sure what I would take pictures of. This butterfly was a beautiful moment of surprise as it landed quite close to where I was standing. There is a word I have seen – •Kairos (n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement• that was kind of what happened today ❤️. I’m no longer active on any other social platform; you all are the only ones I thought of to share this little piece of joy with. I love you all, please feel my gratitude for the joy you each give to me when I am here and see your names. Love always, Rachel xoxo

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