MöbiusE: Knowledge Graph Embedding on Möbius Ring Short communication
Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 227, June 2021, Article Number 107181
Yao Chen, Jiangang Liu, Zhe Zhang, Shiping Wen, Wenjun Xiong
Multi-hop reasoning over paths in temporal knowledge graphs using reinforcement learning Research article
Applied Soft Computing, Volume 103, January 2021, Article Number 107144
Luyi Bai, Wenting Yu, Mingzhuo Chen, Xiangnan Ma
Erase then grow: Generating correct class activation maps for weakly-supervised semantic segmentation Research article
Neurocomputing, Volume 453, April 2021, Pages 97-108
Yanwen Chong, Xiaoshu Chen, Yulong Tao, Shaoming Pan
Fast semi-supervised evidential clustering Research article
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Volume 133, March 2021, Pages 116-132
Violaine Antoine, Jose A. Guerrero, Jiarui Xie
A new dynamic strategy for dynamic multi-objective optimization Research article
Information Sciences, Volume 529, April 2020, Pages 116-131
Yan Wu, Lulu Shi, Xiaoxiong Liu

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