The guy running Trump’s trade policy just wrote a seriously troubling op-ed in The Wall Street Journal

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Time is now 2018/06/21, and China and US is on the brink of a trade war.

Quote from the article, dated 2017/03/06:

Peter Navarro writes like a man ready to start a trade war.

Navarro’s views expressed in the article shouldn’t surprise many who’ve been following his career. The Economist called him a “China-bashing eccentric,” and much of the US economics community was surprised by his appointment to the White House.

But Navarro does fit with the Trumpian worldview that the US is a victim and that there is no win-win situation in international economic dealing.

”the best way to grow faster is by closing this deficit

He is also concerned that foreign countries will buy up the US’s military industrial complex:

At this point Navarro is hysterical, painting a picture of a US that is rapidly selling itself off bit by bit.

This not the country of Google and Exxon Mobil. It’s certainly not the country of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. This is a vision from a man who desperately fears a modern, globalized world and the change it brings with it.

The things Peter Navarro wants to fight against — the things that keep him up at night — are windmills, waving their blades at a paranoid mind. To charge them he wants to disrupt global supply chains and put up tariffs; he wants to bully the US’s way into new markets and upset our trading partners. This is no way to do trade policy.

But Navarro and his team seem on a reckless mission to try.

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