You Become Your Network. Build It Wisely.


If you look at the people someone is connected to on Facebook or Twitter, you can tell a lot about them.

You can tell if they’re a social butterfly or a hermit. You can tell if they’re depressed, or anxious. Researchers have even used people’s connections to predict, accurately, whether someone is likely to become overweight or obese in the future.

The connections that we make, and the networks we build, come to define us. That’s true whether it’s your Twitter followers, or your work network — your mentors, your advisors, your colleagues.

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Real People Eat Quiche


Silken custard, flaky crust: quiche Lorraine with Gruyère and pancetta.

I was writing the menu for our lunch service at Prune a few weeks ago and kept crossing out then penciling back in a classic: quiche Lorraine. I just wasn’t quite sure where we stood, as a nation, on the subject these days.

In the ’80s, “quiche eater” was a casual slur to describe feminists and liberals, effeminates and intellectuals alike, prompting T-shirt sloganism and tote-bag activism in response. Grown men wore T-shirts emblazoned with “Real Men Eat Anything” the way they now wear ones that say “The Future Is Female.” You don’t want to go through the considerable work of putting together a warm, trembling, fragrant quiche Lorraine — with a perfect flaky crust and a silken custard streaked with Gruyère and salt pork — to discover that while you were downstairs in the prep kitchen, quiche had been conscripted into some new culture war.

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De Beers is fighting ‘fake’ diamonds from China, but who’s the real fake?

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Yonden Lhatoo rubbishes the ‘natural’ diamond market as a rip-off, built on lies about the worth of stones that are now being mass-produced in laboratories to offer much cheaper and better alternatives

So the mighty diamond market manipulator and monopolist De Beers is worried about its bottom line being eroded by manufactured stones being mass-produced in China.

After spending decades trying to suppress and ostracise the synthetic diamond industry, it did a complete U-turn and jumped on the bandwagon this year, although marketing its own lab-grown stones as a more “casual” alternative for “birthdays and fun”, rather than for weightier occasions.

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