“This is a place of sharp blades, where skill and mastery mean everything and costume and showmanship mean nothing.” – Jed McKenna

Before we jump in, an item of business:

If you’re interested in the private membership we discussed yesterday, make sure you hit reply to let us know.

We’re building an early bird list right now, and those who reply will get first grab at the limited number of spaces available.

If you missed yesterday’s email, I’ll leave the details for you in the PS below — but in the meantime, a story:

(credit to the Modern Wisdom podcast for this one)

Once upon a time, two pottery classes were given an assignment.

The first class was told to try to make the “perfect” clay pot — the single best clay pot they were capable of — by the end of the semester (ie. quality over quantity).

The second class was told to make as many clay pots as they could by the end of that same semester (ie. quantity over quality).

So they did.

At the end of the semester, not only did the second class create more clay pots (that was their goal)…

They created far better clay pots than the first class (that was not their goal), who’s only objective was to create the best clay pot they could.

The lesson:

Quantity creates quality.

And the only way to get good enough to actually create quality is to create a whole bunch of quantity, first.

Of course, keep trying to do your best work, while learning from each repetition (that’s how quantity eventually becomes quality) — but instead of burning time trying to make it perfect, spend your time making more.

The formula is simple:

1. Do the best you can
2. As many times as you can
3. As fast as you can
4. While learning as much as you can
5. For as long as you can

…And it will be harder to fail than to succeed.

– T

P.S. As for those details…

I’m thinking about creating a membership program that includes:

1. Coaching & community

Direct access to me, and a support system of like-minded practitioners through an online community and regular live group calls.

2. A full-stack inner development program

Including meditation, movement practice, physical training, and nutrition…

…Plus, access to the advanced techniques I haven’t shared elsewhere like qigong, sexual energy practices, psychedelic protocols, energetic hygiene & spiritual protection, non-religious prayer, etc.

3. Our complete library of resources

Including all of our retreat recordings, and an ever-evolving collection of classes, programs, and protocols for unlocking human potential.

My ultimate vision is to create a digital version of our summer retreat that will run year-round, and that we can develop together, over time, for many years to come.

If you’re interested, hit reply to let us know.

(you can just type “interested,” or share more of your thoughts if you feel like it — we’ll be reading every reply) 

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