“You are rewarding a teacher poorly if you remain always a pupil.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

This past Saturday, I held a private Ask Me Anything call for our Self Design members.

It was the most fun I’ve had teaching since our retreat, and we spent 2.5 hours exploring some of the advanced (even controversial) topics I’ve always wanted to discuss, but haven’t had the appropriate platform for — like:

– How to build and manage sexual energy

– Understanding psychedelics

– The truth about “no fap” and celibacy, according to Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine

– Emotional intelligence for investing & wealth creation

– Building dopamine feedback loops for motivation and goal achievement

And, even:

– My honest thoughts on David Goggins.

It was a blast, and at the end of the call, when one of our participants asked…

“What time next week?”

…I started thinking out loud:

What if we did do this every week, or at least every other week?

And what if we paired these live calls with a private online community, where you had personal access to me, as well as a like-minded community of practitioners who share the common goal of self-realization?

Then we could add a library of members-only resources, like:

– Our complete collection of retreat recordings

– A full-stack inner development program that includes meditation, movement, physical training, and nutrition

– Advanced techniques like qigong, sexual energy practices, energetic hygiene & spiritual protection, etc.

– All of my life-optimization systems for productivity, self-management, goal setting, financial management, and more

Plus, we could continue building the platform together, over time:

With an ever-evolving library of classes, AMA calls, and practices for unlocking the deeper potentials of human life.

That’s when it hit me:

This platform would be like a digital version of our retreat, but all year-round.

And with that thought, I was sold.

If you’re interested in a membership like this, hit reply to let us know right away.

(you can just type “interested,” or share more of your thoughts if you feel like it — we’ll be reading every reply)

With enough interest, we’ll get to work building it this week.

And if all goes according to plan, we’ll accept our first group of members before the end of the month.

Sound good?

Let me know, and I’ll be back with more details in the coming days.

– T

P.S. As for the price, I haven’t decided yet.

Our week-long retreat is two grand, but this online version won’t be anywhere near that.

I’ll make it affordable enough for everyone who wants in, but expensive enough to filter out those who aren’t serious about the path. 

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