“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Here’s a fluff-free definition of manifestation you might actually be able to do something with:

Making your thoughts reality.

That’s it, that’s all.

The crystals and voodoo crowd have dragged this topic so high up into the new-age nosebleed section that it feels like the only people manifesting are flying on broomsticks.

But when you clear away the mist, all manifestation really is, is good old-fashioned creating.

Which, obviously, is happening all around us, all the time:

The entrepreneur “manifests” his business just like the artist “manifests” his work of art, just like I am “manifesting” this email right now.

Everything we’ve ever created is a product of our “powers” of manifestation — ie. our ability to create…

…So if we want to create better things, we should probably learn how the creative process works.

Here’s the formula:

Mind (clarity of vision) x Emotions (depth of desire) x Action (uh, actions) = Result.

Notice I said nothing about vibrations or affirmations or pulling rabbits out of hats.

Simply bring your thoughts, emotions, and actions into alignment, and you will have more magic than you can shake a wand at.

That’s how everything that has ever been done, was done:

By beaming a burning desire through a vivid vision and projecting it from a thought in your head into a thing in the world.

And if the thought didn’t become a thing, it’s because:

  1. Your vision wasn’t clear enough (the universe needs to know what you want before it can give it to you)


  1. You didn’t want it badly enough (or you only wanted it superficially, to bulk up your ego)


  1. Your actions were insufficient.

There’s also a fourth reason that trips nearly everyone up, but we’ll talk about that one tomorrow.

In the meantime, tattoo this across your vision board:

Clarity x Desire x Action = Result.

I can already hear the complaints from the crowd about how “I knew what I wanted and I really, really wanted it and I worked really, really hard at it”…

…But the honest truth is that most people have no idea what clarity and desire and action really looks like.

It’s not the warm glow of a fireplace, it’s throwing yourself head-first into the fire.

The violence required to bring a great vision to life is just way more than most people can stomach, which is why most people settle for the life they’re given rather than creating the life they really want.

More on that here.

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the all-important fourth point I hinted at above, and the secrets of the universe will finally be yours.

I’ll see you then 🙂

  • T

P.S. I’m creating a bonus for our upcoming Self Design course called Life Design, where we’ll discuss this topic in a lot more depth.

My plan is to guide you through the process of creating a crystal-clear vision that takes your desire from lukewarm to red-hot, and fuels a series of strategic actions that will bring your vision to life.

And then:



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