“We are not donkeys meant to be weighed down by burden. We are eagles, meant to fly.” – Reggie Ray 

Hey, how’s your week going so far?

I just finished running a three-day retreat alongside a teacher of mine, and my mind, my energy, and my emotions feel about thirty pounds lighter today.

After 100+ retreats, it still shocks me how much baggage we all carry:

The modern world is a war-zone for the human mind, where toxic media, chronic anxiety, and competitive fear permeate the very air we breathe.

Inner work like meditation, psychotherapy, energy practices and plant medicines are no longer fringe hippy-stuff…

They are practically necessities for survival.

(I honestly don’t know how people get by without them)

Vibrant internal health, mental and emotional freedom, a deep connection to nature, and alignment with a clear life purpose could be our standard living conditions.

But instead, these qualities are so rare that most have never experienced them and many don’t even believe they exist.

After all:

If you were born into a house with no windows, you would think that everything inside those four walls is everything there is.

But there is a vast, open world outside, full of sunlight and possibility.

If you can find the doorway, and you have the courage to walk through it, total inner freedom is the prize.

And to me, that prize is worth any price.

We’ll make the journey together over the coming weeks and months (and years and decades)…

…But today, more than anything, I want you to know that it exists:

The freedom and potential you’ve long suspected, deep down, were possible…

The capability and power to become who you really are, and create what you really want…

The raw magic of life as a human being:

It is real.

It exists.

And it is yours, if you want it.

More to come 🙂

– T

P.S. This guided practice is a powerful next step if you’d like to go further today. 

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