VCs (heart) AI: Investors pour billions into generative AI startups like Alphabet’s new darling Alphasense.

Controlled Discord: Messaging app popular with teens adds parental controls.

AI isn’t killing jobs … yet

Three in five workers are worried about losing their jobs entirely in the next decade, and three-quarters say AI has increased work intensity. A new report from the OECD might give them reason to relax a bit. It concludes that AI’s impact on employment is limited so far, although there’s potential for significant displacement in the future. “Occupations in finance, medicine, and legal activities which often require many years of education, and whose core functions rely on accumulated experience to reach decisions, may suddenly find themselves at risk of automation from AI,” according to the report.

Killer Threads

Mark Zuckerberg’s “Twitter killer” amassed 100M users in its first 5 days. Elon Musk calls it “cheating” and threatens to sue. Others say it’s doomed to fail like Google+.

AI in the office

It seems just about every kind of company is looking into what generative AI can do for them. A slew of tech companies are competing to meet that demand. In the past few months, Amazon, Box, Cisco, Oracle, and Salesforce unveiled plans for generative AI-powered products that do everything from summarizing meetings to producing code and improving marketing campaigns. “I think this is a complete breakthrough in enterprise software,” Box’s CEO said.

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