Trevor Dobson

Nikon d810a


ISO 6400


Foreground: 36 x 30 seconds

Sky: 58 x 30 seconds

iOptron SkyTracker

Hoya Starscape filter

This is a 94 shot panorama of the Milky Way above Mandu Mandu Gorge near Exmouth in Western Australia. The Exmouth peninsula is about 13 hours drive north of Perth and this panorama was taken a few days before the total solar eclipse.

This was quite a trek to get to this location, through large pebbled grounds, a trek I was doing for the second time that day after scoping out the area earlier. I was looking for a part of the gorge which would complement the arch of the Milky Way. I was also not completely alone while shooting this panorama, with an animal, either wallaby or dingo, moving around in the bush you can see near the middle part of the gorge. Thankfully it wasn’t curious enough to come take a closer look at me.

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