Pete Rowbottom, Wigan,

A truly freezing cold morning at Kirkjufellfoss looking out to Kirkjufell, I’ve shot this location quite a few times now and this was by far the coldest I’ve been here.

I’d tried to get this same shot here the day before but the weather suddenly closed in, the sky disspeared and it started pouring down so it was abandon ship for that day…. the pre sunrise light on this morning though had been incredible and it was really worth coming back to the same location, thankfully the big ‘ice boulders’ in the foreground that I wanted to use hadn’t been disturbed, the freezing weather ensuring they hadn’t melted and remained marooned on the rocks above the river.

A truly fabulous morning for photography here, one thing about this place is you can just keep coming back in Winter and it will be totally different each time, you never know what kind of strange wonders you are going to come across.

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