Jordi Sureda Photographing a long exposure on a motorway is crazy, it’s strange and exciting at the same time, when you’re there you realise how fast we’re all going and when I say everyone, I mean absolutely everyone!To be alone doing this, it’s strange, because being at night with all that noise of cars going crazy up and down makes you feel like you’re in a strange world. It’s also exciting because, while the camera is working, I’m waiting impatiently to see the result and I have no patience, I admit it! And it’s crazy too, because when you stand still and watch all that traffic of cars, trucks and motorbikes… you realise what we humans are getting to… everything has to be done fast, you have to be three places at the same time, you have to attend to the long list of daily tasks…you know what? Sometimes I would like to live in the middle of the mountain and enjoy this world in a different way! I wish you all a happy and peaceful Wednesday!

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