Wilshire Advisors – Client Support, Server Admin, Application Support, Scripting, Automation, Coding

威尔希尔投资咨询 – 客户支持,服务器管理,软件支持,脚本,自动化,编程

C Platform – Server Admin, Database Scripting

宽连 – 服务器管理,数据库编程

Suzhou DCOM – Web Page front end coding

苏州达科科技公司 – 网页编辑

FlexTrade – Server Admin 服务器管理

Macquarie Securities – Application Support

麦格理证券 – 软件支持

Wintel & *Nix sever administration

Functional & OO Programming (Pascal, Java, C#, Python, Go, C++)

Scripting (Powershell, Innosetup)

Web Technology (HTML, CSS, jQuery)

Database: SQL (variants), NoSQL

DevOps, Git

Data Engineering

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