Solving the sensor cover energy problem via integer linear programmingPingke LiKybernetikaThis paper demonstrates that the sensor cover energy problem in wireless communication can be transformed into a linear programming problem with max-plus linear inequality constraints. Consequently…Read More
Exploiting Activation Sparsity for Fast CNN Inference on Mobile GPUsChanyoung Oh | 2 more | Youngmin YiACM Transactions on Embedded Computing SystemsOver the past several years, the need for on-device deep learning has been rapidly increasing, and efficient CNN inference on mobile platforms has been actively researched. Sparsity exploitation…Read More
Generating contrastive explanations for inductive logic programming based on a near miss approachJohannes Rabold | Michael Siebers | Ute SchmidMachine LearningIn recent research, human-understandable explanations of machine learning models have received a lot of attention. Often explanations are given in form of model simplifications or visualizations….Read More

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