The idea of ‘talent density’ by Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix, and how it can be leveraged to build high-performance teams…

“…in the spring of 2001, crisis struck… we had to lay off a third of our workforce.

…we divided the staff into two piles: the 80 highest performers who we would keep and 40 less amazing ones we would let go… it wasn’t going to be easy.

…within a few weeks, for a reason I couldn’t initially understand, the atmosphere improved dramatically. We were in cost-cutting mode, and we’d just let go of a third of the workforce, yet the office was suddenly buzzing with passion, energy, and ideas.

…this was my road to Damascus experience, a turning point in my understanding of the role of “talent density” in organizations.

We learned that a company with really dense talent is a company everyone wants to work for. High performers especially thrive in environments where the overall talent density is high.

…for top performers, a great workplace isn’t about a lavish office, a beautiful gym, or a free sushi lunch. It’s about the joy of being surrounded by people who are both talented and collaborative. People who can help you be better. When every member is excellent, performance spirals upward as employees learn from and motivate one another.”

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