Pete Rowbottom, Wigan, UK Following on from the last image of Bamford Edge… I don’t usually post several images from a location in succession but it seemed right to do so on this occasion as this directly follows the last image in terms of the reason for being there.
A fabulous sunset and and sky on Bamford Edge which, if we had left it much longer we would have missed, “on the last minute” would probably be the best way to describe our arrival here.. I do like to get to places early and set up and wait but a visit to a friend of mine nearby did delay us a while, as did the climb up to here after a Steak and Ale Pie in the Pub…. luckily it all worked out nicely, apart from being very out of breath for quite a while!
I was hoping to get the drone up here for a timelapse of the sunset but the wind had other ideas, it took most of my concentration to watch where I was standing here as about a foot behind me was an enormous drop which I really didn’t fancy ending up at the bottom of…
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