One of the joys of photographing along the coast is that everything is in a constant state of flux- no two visits to the same location are ever the same. And this is particularly true when shooting things like shipwrecks where the tides and weather combine to paint new layers of decay with each passing season. But although this provides a fantastic opportunity to document what is in effect a new life cycle –or maybe I should call it a death cycle- there is always a nagging fear that one day you’ll turn up to find a boat shaped hole where your favorite wreck used to sit; either because the sea has finally reclaimed it’s prize, which of course is perfectly acceptable, or because someone with a clipboard has decided that it poses a risk to the public and warrants removal. These people are not usually photographers. And so, when I come across something like this I tend to go a little overboard with my shooting just in case it’s the last chance I get. Which explains why I have several hundred shots all showing the same thing, with some minor variations in angle. But that’s ok, I guess- at least I feel I have done my part in documenting a tiny piece of nautical history. In fact, my only disappointment is that whoever left this boat here clearly didn’t check PhotoPills first for the best orientation before abandoning it. As a tip for the future- if your ship is about to be wrecked on the shoreline, perhaps you could just turn it slightly to make the most of the sunrise in that location. A generation of photographers will then surely love you forever.  Of course, all of this elaborate blurb is really just a thinly veiled excuse to post yet another archive shot as I haven’t been able to get out recently. But now the clever scientists seem to have come up with a possible covid vaccine, maybe life will slowly begin to return to normal ……… Thank you as always for your wonderful support.

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