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  • Narcissistic love seems to have a expiration date of roughly six months from the day the narcissist/non-narcissist relationship began.
    • A narcissist’s love for a non-narcissist significant other might expire for any number of reasons such as…………
      • familiarity breeds narcissistic contempt insofar as the narcissist feels his significant other’s attention has grown stale; he resents the fact it is no longer is flavorful, exciting, and most to important to the narcissist relationship partner — new!!
      • the narcissist relationship partner is bored of the significant other whose flaws seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.
      • the narcissist relationship partner is hankering to meet a romanticized fantasy attention provision source who might be “better”
      • the narcissist relationship partner needs to preemptively bail for his feelings have got him all amped up and anxious about a potential rejection, abandonment, and/or betrayal.
      • the narcissist had experienced intimacy, and it has triggered uncomfortable feelings which the narcissist relationship partner has no interest in meeting head on.

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