Sleep Fast is a song that started out meaning one thing but the most unexpected and devastating event of my life pulled both it and I down an avenue I never ever saw coming.⠀⠀

I hope you can take some time to find a quiet space and immerse yourself in this journey, allow yourself to free fall into a deep slumber and then be carried out of the darkness and into the blinding light. ⠀⠀

These songs were all written through a time of deep loss and isolation for me but they helped pull me through more than you could ever know.⠀⠀

My single hope for these songs is that anyone out there listening and feeling those same absences, at a loss with where they find their place in this world will feel something of the same comfort from them as we all navigate our way out of the dark and pull each other together into the future with love and care. ⠀⠀

Hope you enjoy Sleep Fast⠀⠀Richard ⠀

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