it’s a common mistake for new comers in Go, and yes the var currentProcess changes for each loop, so your goroutines will use the last process in the slice l.processes, all you have to do is pass the variable as a parameter to the anonymous function, like this:

func (l *Loader) StartAsynchronous() []LoaderProcess {

    for ix := range l.processes {

        go func(currentProcess *LoaderProcess) {

            cmd := exec.Command(currentProcess.Command, currentProcess.Arguments...)
            log.LogMessage("Asynchronously executing LoaderProcess: %+v", currentProcess)

            output, err := cmd.CombinedOutput()
            if err != nil {
                log.LogMessage("LoaderProcess exited with error status: %+v\n %v", currentProcess, err.Error())
            } else {
                log.LogMessage("LoaderProcess exited successfully: %+v", currentProcess)

            time.Sleep(time.Second * TIME_BETWEEN_SUCCESSIVE_ITERATIONS)

        }(&l.processes[ix]) // passing the current process using index


    return l.processes

Another example :

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