• Hedonistic philosophers knew better. This school of thought holds that pleasure is a good worth pursuing and that the ideal human life is filled with pleasure.
  • in Ancient Greece, the hedonist worldview did not necessarily descend into a life of gluttony and frivolity.
  • Epicurus ultimately advocates for a rather simple life
  • the highest pleasure you can achieve is the absence of pain
  • content with bread and water
  • once he’d sated his hunger, he thought no greater pleasure would come from actively seeking more elaborate dining.
  • the key to Epicurean hedonism is eradicating all anxiety
  • the Epicurean lifestyle of bread and water doesn’t sound particularly hedonistic or appealing.
  • stop desiring anything you don’t naturally need
  • If you think about modern stresses and desires about status and consumerism, there’s a lot of that we might be able to do without and probably would be healthy for us to do without
  • It’s easy to fall into false beliefs about what matters, based on the expectations of those around us

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